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We believe in powering innovation for our customers, from healthcare to agrotech. Meet the businesses that have joined us in the journey to the future of Kubernetes management — and hear what they have to say.

Spectro Cloud customer stories

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From customers to business partners

T-Mobile has been with us since 2020. Their belief in Palette as an innovative solution was such that they become not just customers — but investors. Today, we enable teams across T-Mobile to manage hundreds of clusters in development and production.

Spectro Cloud’s Palette platform provides a rock-solid foundation for the container ecosystem. It helps developers accelerate application innovation to leverage 5G/Edge environments, and drives operational efficiencies for our platform teams to deliver a managed Kubernetes offering at scale without compromising operations.
Brian King
GE HealthCare

Impact from the data center to the edge

We work side-by-side with GE HealthCare and its architecture teams to tackle some of the most challenging problems at scale. From edge platforms in hospitals to managing hundreds of clusters in core data centers, we're there from day 0 to day 2 and beyond.

Check out some of GE HealthCare's experiences below.

Ge Healthcare white paper
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Within four hours we had updated all 100 clusters including rebuilding the EC2 instances and applications, without any downtime. That was… amazing! In all my years in the industry, I’ve not seen an upgrade without any downtime. It was a major win for us.
Sri Erra
Senior Director, Cloud Engineering
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Taking edge Kubernetes to new heights

Tevel is trailblazing in agrotech with its Flying Autonomous Robots™, and it needed a partner to help clear the way. From easy scalability to tailored security — we take care of the Kubernetes management so Tevel can focus on its priority: innovation.

Follow Tevel’s journey to feed the world, one edge K8s cluster at a time.

Edge Kubernetes customer story with Tevel

Tevel’s mission is to help feed the world. The Tevel team doesn’t want to get distracted by hardware and connectivity issues. They want to focus on increasing the overall efficiency and reliability of their process. This tech setup “reduced the time that we spent on building and managing clusters by ourselves,” Zaken said. “And it frees our engineers’ time to be focused on innovation” around robot fruit picking.

Jennifer Riggins
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