Make the most of Kubernetes in AWS

When you run your Kubernetes clusters in AWS services like EKS and EC2, how are you addressing control and day to day management? Palette is the perfect complement.

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Kubernetes in AWS

IaaS or cloud-managed, you still have work to do

Whether you have built your own clusters on the foundation of EC2, or are looking for a more turnkey experience with EKS, you’ll have discovered that there’s still a lot of manual effort involved in every stage of the cluster lifecycle.

Palette is an enterprise Kubernetes management platform that helps you take control of your Kubernetes clusters in AWS and other environments. It makes it easy to build, deploy and manage the full lifecycle of your Kubernetes clusters in both EC2 and EKS, at scale.

IaaS or cloud managed

Experts in AWS

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Spectro Cloud is a validated AWS ISV Accelerate Partner, which means if you have an EDP contract with AWS, we can help you meet your overall commitment.

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As part of the AWS Well Architected Review Program, we're approved by AWS to offer Well Architected Reviews, helping you optimize your AWS EKS and Kubernetes environments.

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Container Competency recognizes how Palette integrates with AWS services in ways that improve customers' ability to run container workloads on AWS.

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Differentiated is the highest partner status attainable with AWS, awarded for our adherence to AWS technical specifications and best practices in practical use cases.

The most powerful way to manage your AWS clusters

With Palette, you can:

Build repeatably
With our unique Cluster Profiles to model the full stack of everything that goes into your AWS cluster, from OS to app.
Deploy easily
Stand up Kubernetes clusters with a click in EC2 and EKS regions, including AWS GovCloud, via Palette’s rich UI, CLI, API or via Terraform. We also support EKS Anywhere for edge.
Bring your clusters with you
Import and manage your existing AWS clusters for unified management from a single pane of glass.
Scale with confidence
Consistently manage hundreds of clusters in parallel, even across multiple regions, with zero configuration drift
Save time and money
Automate onerous day 2 operational tasks like patching, scaling, monitoring, security, backups and much more with Palette’s rich native functionality.

Palette for public cloud Kubernetes

If you have Kubernetes clusters in other clouds, in private data centers or at the edge — Palette can manage those, too. It’s a truly all-in-one platform.

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Faster migration
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Deep integration
with AWS
award winning support

The support you need

When you choose Spectro Cloud, you get the backing of our award-winning technical support, for your full AWS Kubernetes environment. We offer premium 24x7 solution support from an expert team, with response time SLAs. So if you encounter any issues, you can pick up the phone.

Trusted by the best

When you choose a management platform, you need to know that your clusters are in safe hands.

In the past five years, Palette has not only earned dozens of certifications, industry awards and recognition from analysts like Gartner, but also the trust of AWS users including GE HealthCare, RapidAI, Revolution Parts, Remine, Snackpass and more.

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“Palette is a great tool to create and operate production-ready Kubernetes clusters in multi cloud. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of tools have made it incredibly easy for me to manage my Kubernetes clusters. Palette has saved me hours of work”

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