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Virtual Machines aren’t going away, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the pain and cost of running a virtual infrastructure side by side with Kubernetes. Instead, bring your VMs into your Kubernetes clusters as first-class citizens, using Palette’s Virtual Machine Orchestrator.

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Running vms on top of K8s

Virtual machines are here to stay

VMware claims 85 million workloads have already been built on virtual machines, and all the analysts agree that the market for VMs is still growing, year on year.

So if VMs are sticking around in your business, you’re not alone. VMs are here to stay.

It’s not just that refactoring monolithic applications into containerized microservices is hard work that takes time.

We’re also seeing some organizations make a conscious choice to build new applications in VMs for some workloads, or plan for hybrid workloads that use both VMs and containers together.

Do you really want to run two infrastructures?

You may need VMs, but maintaining a separate virtual infrastructure? That’s a different story.

Now you’ve got two sets of siloed resources with inconsistent operating models, security policies and reporting that you need to maintain and invest in.

When everyone’s talking consolidation and cost control, that kind of overlap isn’t sustainable, especially as your VM infrastructure might be getting long in the tooth. And that’s before you factor in the anticipated huge price rises for hypervisor licenses from the 800lb gorilla in the room…

running applications on different infrastructures
Manage VMs on a Kubernetes based infrastructure

A unified platform for both VMs and containers

What if you could run your virtual machines on the same Kubernetes-based infrastructure as your containerized workloads? You could:

  • Keep using VMs for the workloads that require them
  • Refactor and migrate applications to cloud-native at your own pace
  • Run VMs and containers together as hybrid workloads

All without the cost or complexity of maintaining a separate VM infrastructure.

And what if you could not only unify your VMs and containers, but have the same unified experience of your Kubernetes clusters across multiple environments?

The good news? It’s possible today.

The new home for your VMs: Kubernetes

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Meet Virtual Machine Orchestrator

  • Uses the CNCF project KubeVirt to run VMs as Kubernetes pods, with complete mapping between VM and Kubernetes concepts and features.
  • Gives you full declarative control of Kubernetes on bare metal servers using Cluster API and Canonical’s Metal As A Service (MAAS), so you can escape the hypervisor.
  • Lets you take advantage of all of Palette’s rich lifecycle management features like scaling, observability and upgrades to both VM and container workloads, at any scale.
  • Gives you the widest choice of infrastructure software to underpin your VM workloads, from networking to storage.
  • Works in self-hosted and even air-gapped environments, as well as Spectro Cloud’s SaaS environment.
  • Supports rich VM management capabilities including live migration, maintenance mode and dynamic resource rebalancing.
A Virtual Machine Orchestrator

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