Cluster lifecycle management with Palette

Keep your clusters fighting fit with Palette’s advanced automation for key post-deployment operations tasks, from patching to backups.

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You’ve deployed. Now what?

The real work of running Kubernetes comes after deployment. How do you handle upgrades and patches, monitoring, role changes, backups, certificate rotations and all the other essential tasks — and do so consistently across multiple clusters? Palette can help with your cluster lifecycle management.

Palette doesn’t just deploy Kubernetes clusters. It has a rich set of native features to help automate and simplify key tasks, drawing on the best of open source projects like Velero, Cluster API, KubeCost and Prometheus, preconfigured and supercharged by our declarative multicluster architecture.

A day in the life of your cluster

Scaling and configuration

Scaling and configuration changes at your fingertips

Need to change your clusters? No problem. From Palette’s interface you can quickly edit the size and configuration of your node pools to adjust scaling, availability zones, disk and more. Just edit, type, and hit save, and Palette will do the rest.

Patches and updates: fast, simple, consistent

Applying a patch or updating part of your Kubernetes stack to a new version from your repository is just a matter of editing your Cluster Profile, the declarative blueprint that Palette uses to build your clusters. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Edit: Find and edit the Profile in the Cluster Profiles list. You can add new elements, change manifests, or update versions of included packs and integrations. Hit save.
  • Confirm: All clusters that have the edited Profile applied will automatically detect the change and you’ll have the option to update them with a click.
  • Roll out: Palette will upgrade the clusters in parallel, and you’ll see the status of each cluster as it comes back to ‘healthy’ in the Palette dashboard.

How much time could this save you, compared to logging in to each cluster individually, manually applying a patch, and verifying success?

Read GE HealthCare’s experience patching 100 clusters with Palette

Monitoring and observability across all your clusters

With Palette you have a rich set of monitoring tools at your disposal, giving you the key insights you need to maintain Kubernetes availability and performance.

  • Our visual NOC-style UI, showing clusters by location — ideal for edge deployments with hundreds or thousands of clusters
  • Health monitoring: for all your clusters, across multiple environments. We can push health alerts to email, Slack, ServiceNow or others, so you can take instant action
  • Usage and cost monitoring via native integration of KubeCost, giving you multicluster usage metrics and cost calculations you can use for chargeback and cost-optimization efforts

Need more? Through our Prometheus Monitoring Stack we make it straightforward to deploy a powerful set of additional monitoring capabilities on a dedicated monitoring cluster, particularly valuable for large-scale Kubernetes deployments where the volume of monitoring data is extreme.

Scanning for security and governance

We know that security matters to you. Palette has a native suite of scans to help you validate the integrity of your clusters. These include:

  • Compliance with CIS benchmarks, via KubeBench
  • Penetration testing, via KubeHunter
  • Conformance to CNCF specifications, via Sonobuoy
  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) scans for known vulnerabilities, via Syft and Grype

You can run all these scans on demand or schedule them.

Backup and restore to keep your data safe

Our native backup functionality is based on the best-of-breed open source tool Velero. We preconfigure it to make it easier to use as part of your enterprise Kubernetes workflow, across multiple clusters.

You have full control over which clusters you back up, where your backups are stored, which namespaces and other elements are backed up (including persistent volumes), and how your backups are scheduled.

esg report

"Our analysis revealed that Palette reduces time, effort, and cost across the entire Kubernetes lifecycle"

Read the independent technical validation by analysts at Enterprise Strategy Group

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