Full-stack K8s management for ISVs

Cut the Kubernetes complexity from your and your customers’ environments, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering amazing apps.

Full stack K8s management for ISVS

What Palette does is deliver a known, reliable, repeatable Kubernetes deployment pattern every single time. It means that any of our engineers can deploy a Kubernetes cluster profile for a customer and be sure of the outcome. I can’t overstate how important that is.

Your business is all about building apps So let Palette deal with the K8s complexity

If you’re in the business of building apps, the last thing you want to do is worry about the plumbing. So why deal with Kubernetes infrastructure complexity? Let Palette take the strain, simplifying both your environment and your customers’.

Build in any environment...

Wherever you’re building your apps - cloud, bare metal or on top of a hypervisor in your own data center - Palette works
like a charm, so you can reap the benefits of always-on, automated and risk-free management at scale from any OS, K8s to your application.

...deploy anywhere your
customers want

Meet your customers’ requirements, wherever they take you. Thousands of edge retail stores with no K8s skills or supervision on site? You got it.Sensitive data or AI processing in an air-gapped bare metal
data center? Palette can do that as well. Hybrid environment based on OpenStack, VMware and public cloud? No problem. For our multi-environment K8s platform, it all works the same way.
Building a Kubernetes environment

Faster updates, simpler lifecycle management, infinite scale

Palette’s unique decentralized architecture means that all your K8s clusters - and therefore your applications - will get updated faster, and with no downtime.
And with Cluster Profiles, making any change to your configuration and pushing it to any location is easy as pressing a button.

Simple Kubernetes lifecycle management

Give your software products the environment they need to thrive

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The Spectro Cloud difference

When you choose Palette Enterprise or any other Palette Edition, you benefit from:

  • Expert solution support and professional services
  • Transparent usage-based pricing
  • Enterprise-class SLAs for platform availability
  • Choice of deployment model, from SaaS to air-gapped
  • Our commitment to openness and community ethics
  • Trusted certifications: SOC II, ISO 27001, CKSP and more

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