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Edge computing is complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Let us help you manage Kubernetes clusters across thousands of edge locations the same way you manage your cloud workloads: with total simplicity and control.

Edge AI for transforming AI workloads

The first choice for edge computing

Enterprises, startups and government agencies are choosing Spectro Cloud Palette Edge to help them deliver their edge projects.

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Thousands of dental offices benefit from simple, secure Kubernetes to power the patient experience.
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From healthcare to oil and gas, we help make edge ambitions into reality.
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Edge: driving innovation at scale, from AI to IoT

Edge is all about putting applications, and the compute and storage they run on, closer to users and data sources on the front lines of your business, whether that’s a restaurant, a factory, or the battlefield

Trends like AI and industrial IoT are propelling edge computing into the mainstream, and organizations are choosing Kubernetes as the platform to orchestrate containerized apps at the edge, just like in the data center and cloud.


of enterprises are deploying 
Kubernetes to the edge today


expect “strong” growth in edge Kubernetes in the next 12 months

But edge can be challenging. With no centralized IaaS-like management, no IT skills on-site and often unreliable connectivity, conventional approaches just won’t work.


concerned ababout security


challenged by lack of connectivity


concerned about day 2 operations and field engineering costs

Solving your Kubernetes edge challenges

Spectro Cloud Palette Edge is a complete solution for managing the lifecycle of your Kubernetes-based edge computing deployments, at enterprise scale.

Design for the edge with complete choice and control

Everyone’s edge opportunity is different — so why should you be locked in to a one-size-fits-all approach?

With Palette Edge you can model the full stack of your edge infrastructure, with complete choice and control from hardware to app.

Palette Edge supports single- and multi-node clusters on Intel and AMD x86, plus NVIDIA ARM hardware.

You can pick the perfect OS and Kubernetes distribution, including popular distros like RKE2 or K3s.

Then add in all the other integrations you need, right the way up to your applications — including AI models and both containerized and legacy virtual machine (VM) workloads. 

Output customized device images through our powerful EdgeForge workflow, and repeatedly generate new artifacts whenever you need.

Designed for the edge
Deploy at the edge, anywhere

Deploying edge hosts to production sites can be costly and time consuming when you factor in everything from field engineering costs to hardware. 

Palette gives you a range of low-touch and zero-touch deployment options, so you can ship a box to site and get it online, without having to send an expensive engineer to set it up.

If your edge projects take you beyond the reach of the public internet, no problem: Palette can manage edge clusters in airgapped campus environments.

And as your edge K8s infrastructure scale grows, we can help you keep costs under control, for example with our innovative 2-node HA architecture.

Deploy apps at the edge
Secure the edge, from the silicon to the app

Security is one of the biggest challenges of edge computing: your devices are out in the field, vulnerable to tampering and other attacks.

In partnership with Intel, we created the Secure Edge Native Architecture (SENA), a comprehensive security framework designed specifically for the edge. 

Today Palette empowers you with defense in depth from a range of security controls, including SBOM vulnerability scans, immutable OS images, hardened configurations, and trusted boot.

For the most inhospitable deployments, such as on the battlefield, the security capabilities of our Palette VerteX edition extend to the edge. VerteX brings validated FIPS cryptography and other security enhancements to keep your infrastructure and workloads safe.

Secure your edge computing
Manage the edge, without the downtime

Operating enterprise edge at scale can be a daunting task: routine monitoring, patches and updates can compromise availability or require costly field engineering visits.

Not with Palette. Our architecture adapts to meet the needs of different edge operating models, particularly the wide range of networking setups at the edge. For example: 

  • Palette’s dynamic network overlay keeps your edge clusters running, even when the underlying network unexpectedly changes. 
  • Our patented decentralized architecture means clusters can continue to enforce policy locally, for uninterrupted operations even when connectivity is disrupted
  • Palette’s Local UI means field engineers get a simple, consistent experience when working on truly disconnected clusters
  • With Palette’s Over The Air (OTA) zero-downtime rolling upgrades, you can remotely patch thousands of devices, confident that you won’t brick vital services.
Managing your edge environments

The award-winning edge Kubernetes platform

Palette Edge has been recognized by leading analysts and publications as an outstanding Kubernetes management platform.

Partnering with the best

From semiconductors to cloud, together with our partners we give you the complete edge computing experience.

NVIDIA partner logo
As an NVIDIA preferred partner, we help you take advantage of NVIDIA GPUs and devices with confidence.
stratus partner logo
With ruggedized hardware from Stratus, edge computing in oil and gas is easier and safer than ever.
Intel partner logo
Together with Intel we built the first Secure Edge Native Architecture.
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Qualcomm partner logo
Qualcomm invested in us to help accelerate AI at the edge.
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Canonical partner logo
With Canonical we build CNEP, the complete edge solution for telcos.
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Hitachi Vantara partner logo
We’re pioneering new strategies for AI at the tactical edge with the thought leaders from HVF.
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The Spectro Cloud difference

When you choose Palette Edge or any other Palette Edition, you benefit from:

  • Expert solution support and professional services
  • Transparent usage-based pricing
  • Enterprise-class SLAs for platform availability
  • Choice of deployment model, from SaaS to air-gapped
  • Our commitment to openness and community ethics
  • Trusted certifications: SOC II, ISO 27001, CKSP and more

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