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Take the fast lane to edge computing success with our management platform for multi-unit and quick-serve restaurants

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manage applications at the restaurant edge

Is edge computing on your radar?

Deploying edge computing to restaurant sites can unlock new possibilities for operational efficiencies and new revenue-generating customer experiences.

With the right software stack deployed to each location, you can help assure the availability of mission-critical applications such as point of sale terminals, and unlock intensive, bandwidth-heavy applications like AI-based video analytics.

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Building management systems

But any edge computing initiative comes with a host of challenges and considerations you need to overcome, especially when you start to deploy them in production, at scale.

The solution you’re looking for

We’re here to help. Spectro Cloud Palette Edge is a management platform that handles the complete lifecycle of your edge computing software stack using cloud-native technologies like containers and Kubernetes.

Spectro Cloud is an award-winning edge computing provider that’s the first choice of leading food services companies — and edge pioneers in every industry.

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“Our partnership with Spectro Cloud has helped us become more agile throughout the provisioning process while also providing us with an efficient way to remotely manage clusters. They are a great bunch of people and a great partner to work with.”
Jason Mock, Senior Vice President of Software Solutions
High Touch Technologies, creator of the Nigel restaurant software platform

How Palette helps you

From our UI you can model your deployment, stand up hundreds or thousands of clusters at restaurant locations, and manage every part of their operations, from observability to upgrades, backup to security.

Better availability, better customer experience
With Palette, your edge computing deployments are highly resilient. Whether a franchisee flips a switch they shouldn’t, or the network goes down — your point of sale and other critical systems stay up.
Have it your way with complete flexibility
Whatever apps you need to run at the edge, whether containers or VMs, we can handle it. Build the perfect stack for each type of location, from your choice of hardware, OS and Kubernetes distribution to all the software elements on top.
Reduced cost from day zero onwards
Say no to costly field engineering visits with zero-touch deployment for new devices that’s easy enough for a store manager to handle. Save a third on hardware costs for each site with our unique 2-node high availability architecture.
Scalability to thousands of sites
Our unique decentralized architecture ensures you can scale wherever your appetite takes you, with no performance degradation, and complete control and consistency over your edge deployments.
Embrace new AI use cases
With Palette’s EdgeAI capability, you can deploy, manage and update AI models and applications to your edge sites with a click, for local inferencing and training.
Secure what matters most
Only Palette secures your edge stack from the silicon to the app, protecting against software vulnerabilities, hardware tampering, unauthorized access and much more. So your data and brand stay safe.

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