Why Palette for Kubernetes at scale

If your business uses Kubernetes, you’ll know it’s only going in one direction. More clusters. In more locations. For more workloads and distributions. The future is all about scale. Here’s how we help you get ready.

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Kubernetes at scale with Palette
5-star rating in Gartner

“Palette is a highly capable tool that I could recommend to anyone looking to manage their K8s infrastructure”

#1 Declarative management across the full Kubernetes stack

Other platforms offer ‘fire and forget’ configurations that only cover the K8s infrastructure.

Palette’s powerful automation is built on a supercharged implementation of the CNCF's Cluster API (CAPI) project.

It helps you build reusable K8s stacks from top to bottom using Cluster Profiles. Then we continuously keep them in line, with reconciliation checks every hour and self-healing throughout their lifecycle. It’s declarative management on steroids.

#2 Scale to thousands of clusters with our unique decentralized architecture

Other platforms can give you a “single pane of glass” to manage your clusters across multiple environments.

But only our patented decentralized architecture is built to make scale truly painless. Each cluster enforces policy locally, autonomously, for flawless performance and resilience even when disconnected or air-gapped.

And of course there's no need for costly management servers or regional instances, so you save money and avoid bottlenecks.

#3 Complete control across the lifecycle

Other platforms leave you to bolt on important lifecycle management capabilities essential for using Kubernetes in production in the enterprise.

Only Palette provides all the controls you need out of the box, including simplified patching and upgrades, observability, granular RBAC, backup and security scans.

The result? Your platform team spends less time on grunt work, and more time serving your internal customers: the app teams.

Speaking of app developers: with Palette Virtual Clusters and Palette Dev Engine, you can enable them to self-service and build better apps, faster.

#4 A home for all your clusters, cloud to edge

Other platforms work well with data centers, others with cloud managed K8s services, others with edge.

Only Palette is engineered to work with the nuances of each environment.

From bare metal and virtualized data centers, to cloud IaaS and cloud managed K8s services in all the big hyperscalers, to the small form-factor edge... we support it all. And we're not fazed by tough challenges like air-gapped environments.

By the way: we know you’re not starting from scratch. So we make it easy to get visibility of your existing clusters from Palette, with the option of migrating at your own pace.

#5 An industry-unique approach to edge K8s

Other platforms promise support for edge locations, but only Palette’s award-winning edge solution solves the unique challenges of edge environments. We help you:

Get started faster, with a plug-n-play, low-touch approach for device onboarding.

Scale with confidence (not cost) thanks to our Over-The-Air, zero-downtime upgrades and our unique 2-node HA architecture.

Support all your apps, whether you're deploying legacy VMs or the latest AI workloads.

Protect what matters with our industry-leading Secure Edge Native Architecture for security from the silicon to the app.

#6 Open-source choice without the risk

Other platforms give you access to open-source innovation via limited or opinionated marketplaces, often forcing you to use only their own Kubernetes distribution.

But only Palette allows you to choose freely from 50+ best-of-breed supported components when building your stacks — from Kubernetes distributions to OSs, CI/CD tools to service mesh.

We validate and support all the packs we offer for compatibility before you deploy, so you don’t have to.

#7 Modernize your VM-based apps with Palette

Other platforms “support Virtual Machines” in your clusters, but that means a lot of legwork configuring and maintaining bare metal servers and OSS tools like KubeVirt.

Only Palette gives you an out-of-the-box unified platform to manage both VMs and containers, with easy full-stack bare metal deployment that includes the OS, and a pre-configured and curated set of VM management features.

We call it Virtual Machine Orchestrator. It's the key to application modernization flexibility.

#8 True zero-trust security from the silicon to your app

Other vendors claim “zero-trust”, end-to-end security, but that's just the bare minimum.

We've built out a rich suite of security controls to protect your clusters from all kinds of threats. It starts with
token-based, secured access via external IDP integration, plus powerful RBAC, cluster encryption, isolation and native security and compliance scans. We also pioneered immutable tamper-proof stacks, hardware-enabled data and runtime encryption and adherence to confidential computing principles.

Our operations and products are certified to many recognized IT security standards, including FIPS 140-2, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001.

#9 Next-level flexibility to suit your workflows

Other platforms offer some options for consumption, deployment or pricing.

Only Palette can truly integrate with all your existing tools and processes. You can manage all your Kubernetes environments with Palette’s UI, API or CLI, or use Terraform or Crossplane. Integrate with your ITSM, notifications and SSO/auth tooling, too.

Our flexibility goes further: you can choose to deploy Palette the way you want, too, including dedicated instances in your own environment.

#10 Don’t believe us? Hear it from our customers

Of course, we've won a bunch of awards and earned the admiration of the analysts (did we mention we're a Gartner Cool Vendor?). We're also passionate contributors to the open source community, and loyal partners to some of the best and brightest in the industry.

But most importantly, our customers love us: that's why we're proud to be the highest-rated enterprise Kubernetes management platform.

See why GigaOm rated us a leader in Kubernetes management — twice!

Analysts at GigaOm rated us ‘leader’ and ‘outperformer’ on the 2024 Radar Reports for both Kubernetes for Edge Computing, and Managed Kubernetes.

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We are a GigaOm leader for Managed Kubernetes We are a GigaOm leader for Kubernetes for edge
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