Kubernetes, ready for business

Scaling Kubernetes in production doesn’t have to be painful. With Palette, you have the perfect blend of flexibility and control across all your new and existing clusters, for all your development teams, enterprise-wide.

Kubernetes Enterprise

Spectro Cloud’s Palette platform provides a rock-solid foundation for the container ecosystem. It helps developers accelerate application innovation to leverage 5G/Edge environments, and drives operational efficiencies for our platform teams to deliver a managed Kubernetes offering at scale without compromising operations.

Deliver Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give dev teams around your business a way to consume K8s “as a service” without having to raise tickets or spend time configuring infrastructure?

Palette has the answer. It lets you give flexible access to K8s for your devs, while you stay in control of security — and cost.

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    Define highly granular RBAC and governance controls, so you can safely give different development teams appropriate access to only the clusters they need.

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    Deploy a new full-stack host cluster, ready to use, with just a few clicks, targeting any destination environment: virtualized data centers, bare metal, cloud, cloud managed services like EKS and AKS, or to the edge.

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    With the Palette Virtual Clusters feature, you can provide a rich ‘virtual cluster’ experience to your developers, with a much quicker provisioning time and much lower cost overhead than running a host cluster just for them.

Kubernetes as a Service

Seamlessly manage new and existing clusters

89% of Kubernetes users run multiple distributions in production, yet only 18% say they can manage all their clusters from a single control plane. Without centralized control, you can’t efficiently control costs or protect against security threats.

With Palette’s multi-distro fleet management capabilities, you can at last achieve unified control over your clusters, regardless of K8s distribution or target environment. This includes bringing under consistent management existing ‘brownfield’ clusters across many different distros and environments, at your own pace.

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    Attach, monitor and manage existing clusters (eg RKE, PKS) within Palette, to benefit from granular namespace-level visibility over resources, health and cost.

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    Deploy add-on layers on top of existing clusters (service mesh, logging/monitoring, etc.) and perform day two operations like self-healing.

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    Provision new clusters using your existing distributions, including RKE, EKS and AKS and manage their complete day 0 to day 2 lifecycle.

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    Automate migration of existing clusters to Palette’s CNCF-conformant, hardened PXK distribution, with zero downtime, to escape vendor lock-in.

Managing new and existing clusters

Transform the dev experience

Accelerate developers’ ability to build and deploy apps to K8s with our self-service dev workbench, Palette Dev Engine. It includes:

  • App Profiles, a reusable blueprint for app components that can be shared across dev teams.

  • App Services, an easy way to incorporate common functions like databases into an app.

  • Kubernetes Sandbox: an on-demand cluster experience, delivered through Palette’s Virtual Clusters capability

  • Developer Dashboard: a simple view to monitor the health of all their running applications.

Transforming developer experience
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“If your organization is looking for a solution to design, deploy, and operate Kubernetes at scale while significantly reducing time, effort, and cost, Enterprise Strategy Group believes Spectro Cloud’s Palette is worth serious consideration.”

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The Spectro Cloud difference

When you choose Palette Enterprise or any other Palette Edition, you benefit from:

  • Expert solution support and professional services
  • Transparent usage-based pricing
  • Enterprise-class SLAs for platform availability
  • Choice of deployment model, from SaaS to air-gapped
  • Our commitment to openness and community ethics
  • Trusted certifications: SOC II, ISO 27001, CKSP and more

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