Run K8s your way, anywhere.

Keep control of your Kubernetes infrastructure stack with Spectro Cloud’s as-a-Service experience for public clouds, private clouds, and bare metal environments.
Enterprises, meet cloud native for you.

Torsten Volk

Managing Research Director at EMA
Our research shows that even organizations with strong cloud-native skills still struggle with basic Kubernetes-related operations tasks on continuously changing and evolving datacenter and cloud infrastructure. Spectro Cloud aims to take all of these headaches away.

Kubernetes, your way

As an Enterprise, you want Kubernetes management without operational headaches. You also need the flexibility to choose the Kubernetes infrastructure stacks that satisfy your use cases and expertise. Your developers may need more current technologies than what vendor solutions support. Different projects may have different requirements – from augmenting existing clusters for visibility to monitoring stack for production use cases or an OS underpinning GPU clusters. Don’t compromise; deploy and easily manage all the Kubernetes infrastructures you need.

Flexibility with Governance

Your enterprise is unique, so use exactly the components you need, not what a vendor forces on you. Have different groups with different needs? Give everyone the infrastructure stack that suits them. Keep what you use today, without giving up the tools you need to operate at scale.

Scalability across Clusters and Clouds

Gain visibility into all of your clusters, new or old. Scale your operations consistently across clusters and clouds with Spectro Cloud’s as-a-Service approach that works wherever you need it. Maintain choice of deployment location so your business can react quickly to a changing world.

Operational Simplicity

Get rid of the pain of operating Kubernetes with an as-a-Service experience for your DevOps team. Keep your infrastructure secure, maintained, and online with an automated service under your control.
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Flexibility & Consistency at Scale

Spectro Cloud’s cluster profiles keep configuration consistent across your organization without encouraging unmanageable sprawl. Set up different profiles to match the needs of different groups in your organization, and then let Spectro Cloud take care of deploying and managing your clusters at scale. Define whole Kubernetes infrastructure stacks with declarative models of everything from operating systems to networking frameworks, Kubernetes versions to storage subsystems. Spectro Cloud automatically monitors clusters for compliance, even through version upgrades. Have confidence your clusters will stay consistent and apps won’t break when surprise upgrades change your infrastructure.

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Clusters How & Where You Want Them

Deploy clusters into public clouds, private clouds, on bare metal or edge. With Spectro Cloud, Kubernetes is available the way you need it, wherever you need it to be. Different groups in your enterprise have different needs, so don’t force them into one-size-fits-badly tradeoffs that no one is happy with. Provide the right solution without compromising on functionality or ease-of-operations. Scale up with standard approaches that suit your needs, not those of third-party vendors. Build on the clusters you already have or start new clusters, based on what makes sense for you.

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SaaS Experience with Cloud-Native Control

Spectro Cloud's SaaS-based or self-hosted system automates the maintenance and upgrade of clusters, giving operations teams control when they need it and automation for everything else. Ensure security patches are rapidly applied, maintenance always happens, and everything stays online with canary deployments and compatibility checks. Automate your infrastructure at a pace that suits you. Keep an intuitive point-and-click interface for one-off actions and adopt a fully integrated-GitOps approach where it makes sense. Spectro Cloud supports your organizational structure, now and into the future.

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Enterprise Features You Demand

Spectro Cloud has the features you need to integrate with your existing operations, including managing your existing Kubernetes clusters: Role-based access control, SSO support, maintenance policies, quotas. All these are mandatory for credible enterprise offerings. Get the agility and flexibility of Kubernetes-based infrastructure with all the enterprise features you demand. Deploy with confidence with Spectro Cloud.

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