Why Palette

K8s management uniquely built for scale

Manage the lifecycle of any type of cluster, across any environment, with complete control over both infra and apps, and give your dev teams what they need without the hassle.

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  • Deploy at scale

    No management servers or extra work. Infinite scale and consistency everywhere. Industry-unique bare metal and edge approach.

  • Manage at scale

    Always-on, automated management with 2min reconciliation loops and self-healing for both infra and apps. Zero-downtime, faster upgrades.

  • Innovate at scale

    Any distributrion. Pre-validated integrations with 24/7 support. SaaS, self-hosted or air-gapped. Existing cluster import.

  • Security and Governance at scale

    End-to-end zero-trust security and hardened stacks. Native day 2 tools, from scaling and backup to scans. Granular RBAC, quota and cost optimization.

Within four hours we had updated all 100 clusters including rebuilding the EC2 instances and applications, without any downtime. That was… amazing! In all my years in the industry, I’ve not seen an upgrade without any downtime. It was a major win for us.
Sri Erra
Senior Director, Cloud Engineering

Powering innovation for global organizations

  • Introducing

    Palette 3.0

    Lower your costs, raise your expectations

  • Spectro Cloud is a 2022 Gartner
    Cool Vendor in Edge Computing!

  • Our Palette Edge platform is better than ever!

    We're talking world-class security and operational efficiencies to Kubernetes at the edge. From tamperproof security for Kubernetes at the edge with the world-first immutable stack to full control and easy management of up to tens of thousands of edge devices, our newest version is a must-see.

Any integration, any cluster, anywhere

Pre-validated, pre-tested full-stack management that works anywhere. Even with your existing clusters.

  • Choose or bring your own integrations








    Nvidia GPU


    Open Suse


    Cert Manager




  • Manage any location

    Amazon Web Service

    Microsoft Azure

    Google Cloud

    Tencent Cloud

    Canonical MAAS


    Bare Metal



  • Import your existing clusters

    VMware Tanzu



    Tencent TKE

    Pivotal K8s Service

    Amazon EKS

    Azure AKS

    Google GKE


The challenges they are addressing with Palette align exactly with the most pressing issues I’m hearing when I talk to clients regarding how to move to the next level of Kubernetes maturity and towards production environments. Spectro Cloud understands the now, as well as the future and potential of Kubernetes.
Paul Nashawaty
Senior Analyst

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Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Our Palette management platform gives effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle, across clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments.
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