Spectro Cloud Announces V2.0 of Its Palette Platform, Setting New Standard in Modern K8s ManagementAnnouncing V2.0 of the Palette Platform

Run K8s your way, anywhere

Manage the complete lifecycle of any type of cluster, new or existing, across any environment, with top-to-bottom control.
Give your dev teams what they need without the extra hassle.

Paul Nashawaty

Senior Analyst at ESG
The challenges they are addressing with Palette align exactly with the most pressing issues I’m hearing when I talk to clients regarding how to move to the next level of Kubernetes maturity and towards production environments. Spectro Cloud understands the now, as well as the future and potential of Kubernetes

How it works

Manage your Kubernetes infrastructure the way that Kubernetes manages containers. One platform for all your clusters, with complete visibility, curated for your devs, they way they want them - fast and without limits. Heard this before? Please keep reading.

Spectro Cloud’s Palette platform manages all your clusters and add-on application services in a declarative way with Cluster Profiles: you select what your clusters should look like, who has access and we make sure they always stay that way.

How it works

Ultimate flexibility at scale
Zero configuration drift

Keep your cluster-specific configurations consistent without encouraging unmanageable sprawl.

  • Create different Cluster Profiles to match the needs of different groups and users, and let Palette take care of deploying and managing your clusters at scale.
  • Define whole stacks of everything from operating systems, to networking, Kubernetes versions to storage subsystems and customize with any application add-on.
  • Spectro Cloud constantly monitors clusters for compliance, security and health, even through version upgrades, across all all layers.

Clusters how and where you want them

Deploy and manage clusters on public clouds, data centers, bare metal or edge - anywhere it makes sense for your apps to run.

With Palette, your Kubernetes clusters always stay the way you need them to stay, wherever you need them to be, without being tied to specific “opinonated” stacks or limited by a platforms’ pace of innovation.

Existing Kubernetes deployments? Bring them on!

Import, manage, extend and reuse your existing Kubernetes clusters, just like the new ones you deploy with Palette.

Whatever the type, version and location, benefit from consistent management with policies that span your entire environment.

How it works

Control and flexibility at complete harmony

Spectro Cloud’s Palette can easily integrate with your existing operations. Role-based access control, SSO support, maintenance policies, cost visibility and quotas - all for the new demanding world of Kubernetes in production.

So turn it on and get the agility and flexibility of Kubernetes-based infrastructure with all the enterprise-grade features you demand.

Automate at will

Palette automates the maintenance and upgrade of clusters, giving your IT operations teams control when they need it and automation for everything else.

  • Ensure security patches are rapidly applied, maintenance always happens, and everything stays online with canary deployments and compatibility checks.
  • Automate your infrastructure at a pace that suits you. Keep an intuitive point-and-click interface for one-off actions and adopt a fully integrated-GitOps approach where it makes sense.
  • Palette support your workflows and integrates - not the other way around. Now and into the future.

Give your dev teams what they want

Different dev teams have different needs, so why force them into one-size-fits-all solutions that no one is happy with?

Spectro Cloud let’s IT teams and developers to choose from curated libraries to build just the right stack for their apps.

Worried about speed? Say no to tickets and define the right level of platform access to your team, from just consuming Kubernetes-as-a-Service, to selecting and deploying Cluster Profiles themselves.

All with complete control and visibility.

Our CNCF-certified SaaS management system provides a single source of truth for Kubernetes infrastructure stack policies and status. Our Cluster Profile concept extends Kubernetes’ desired state maintenance model to the entire infrastructure stack, removing the operational pain of managing versions or configurations for individual clusters.

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