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We offer the Palette management platform with a range of deployment options to suit your needs — whether you want to take the wheel yourself, or have us drive.

Deployment options
Multi-tenant Saas

Multi-tenant SaaS

By default, the Palette management plane — that is, the console you interact with to manage your clusters — runs as a multi-tenant SaaS deployment in a public cloud with multiple availability zones.

We take care of Palette version upgrades and all the day to day running of the platform, saving you time and effort. Of course, you have the reassurance of a 99.9% uptime guarantee and access to our enterprise technical support team.

Dedicated SaaS

For a one-time fee, we can set up a dedicated instance of the Palette management plane in the cloud and cloud region of your choice. We’ll manage the platform for you and offer SLAs, but it’s dedicated to your use and you decide when we update to new versions.

Dedicated SaaS


We also offer a fully self-hosted option, where you install an instance of the Palette management plane in your chosen  environment. This can include your data center, whether VMware vSphere, OpenStack, bare metal, or in a public cloud using your cloud accounts. This option gives you maximum control and even allows you to deploy in air-gapped environments where access to public cloud is not possible. Of course, you’re responsible for day to day management of the platform.

Learn more about our deployment architecture in our docs pages.

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