Your mission succeeds at the tactical edge

Across DoD, intelligence and federal agencies, it’s imperative to put application workloads right on the front lines — at the tactical edge.

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Tactical edge
running compute infrastructure at the edge

Every mission is a digital mission

Nearly every mission requirement today benefits from the availability of compute resources right at the tactical edge. The potential is limitless, whether it’s AI-based computer vision enhancing drone operations, smart communications infrastructure, or real-time supply chain and logistics. Access to data and decision-support is the key to better mission outcomes.

But running compute infrastructure and applications at the edge means you'll face the challenges of managing complex technology assets in potentially hostile locations, with intermittent connectivity.

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Lift the fog of war

Kubernetes has emerged as the essential software innovation for tactical edge compute. Through lightweight edge-optimized versions of Kubernetes, you have an agile way to deploy and orchestrate modern containerized workloads at scale, leveraging the innovation of the cloud native ecosystem and the same operational skills your team already uses in cloud and data center environments.

The strategy is sound: focus on the success of your mission rather than your infrastructure software. But no Kubernetes distribution alone gives you everything you need to succeed at the edge. 

Introducing Spectro Cloud Palette: the management platform that enables you to take full advantage of Kubernetes for your mission.

It gives you full lifecycle management for your edge infrastructure, supporting both modern software containers and traditional virtual machines, and spanning from initial automated hardware and software deployment, to ongoing management and operational tasks like patching.

Software innovation for tactical edge

Reach adversaries, elude attackers

Conventional Kubernetes security approaches are insufficient for the risks of the edge, where devices may be at risk of tampering or theft by enemies who gain physical access to the hardware.

The solution is defense in depth, with security from the silicon to the app. Spectro Cloud Palette offers:

Tamperproof security with immutable device images built from your OS and K8s distribution
Device-level encryption and secure boot through integration with root of trust technologies
Software supply chain security measures including integrated SBOM scans

And all of this is built upon the FIPS-validated defense-grade security offered in Palette VerteX, for highly regulated environments.

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Don’t let ‘disconnected’ mean ‘disabled’

In tactical edge environments, you can’t rely on assets being continuously connected to the internet. Whether we’re talking about a formation of jets in the air for hours, or a submarine running beneath the waves for months, the lack of reliable networking back to home soil is one of the drivers for putting compute at the edge in the first place.

In these DDIL, airgapped environments, edge compute infrastructure must remain performant to support mission-critical applications. Management and maintenance needs to be smart and flexible to leverage connections when available, but otherwise edge clusters must operate autonomously for as long as necessary with only local administration.

Spectro Cloud Palette’s support for airgapped environments is mature and foundational. For example, its decentralized architecture supports local at-cluster policy enforcement, drawing on local Harbor software registries to enable airgapped deployment of new packages to support changing mission requirements.Learn more about our support for disconnected environments >

Learn more about our support for disconnected environments >
airgapped environments

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Tested, trusted, open

When you choose Spectro Cloud Palette you’re choosing a vendor that takes its commitments seriously. 

Our Spectro Cloud Government team includes the best and the brightest from the cloud-native community including veterans and active duty personnel from several branches — so we understand your mission.

Along with our partners, we’ve pursued the quality standards that matter, including validated FIPS 140-2 across our whole platform, plus SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001. 

And we’re an active member of the open source and cloud-native community too. As well as contributing to projects directly, we are a certified Kubernetes service provider and a member of the CNCF and LF Edge.

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