The Tactical Edge: Mission-Ready Kubernetes Made Easy

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The Tactical Edge: Mission-Ready Kubernetes Made Easy

Across DoD, intelligence and most civilian federal agencies, the ‘tactical edge’ is top of mind. The ability to put application workloads out in the field, literally on the front lines, has the potential to transform the outcomes of all kinds of missions, whether it’s AI-based computer vision on reconnaissance drones, communications infrastructure or supply chain and logistics. Kubernetes has emerged as the software platform of choice for running edge workloads like these, offering agility in a lightweight footprint, with the advantages of the cloud-native ecosystem. But that doesn’t mean doing edge Kubernetes is easy. Every step is fraught with challenges, from initial hardware and software deployment, to ongoing security and management. In this webinar we’ll explore the practical considerations and solutions for using Kubernetes at the tactical edge, showing you how to avoid the pitfalls and drive mission success.

We’ll answer key operational questions and show you how to:

  • Make it so easy to provision a Kubernetes edge device that a recruit straight out of basic training can do it
  • Secure the Kubernetes stack against the unique threats faced at the edge
  • Take the risk out of software updates and lifecycle management, even in locations with intermittent connectivity or air-gapped, fully disconnected environments

Whether you’re already using Kubernetes at the tactical edge or have an imperative to do so, the seasoned experts from Spectro Cloud’s government team will help you get up to speed with the state of the art. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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Kyle Goodwin
Kyle Goodwin
VP, Public Sector