The power of SBOM: get the K8s security visibility you need, automatically

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A software bill of materials (SBOM) is one of the most important concepts you need to know to manage the security of your software supply chain.

An SBOM gives you visibility into all the components that make up your application, revealing dependencies and cataloguing known vulnerabilities that could otherwise expose your systems.

The more complex and interconnected your application landscape, the more you need SBOMs — so if you’re adopting Kubernetes, you need to watch this webinar.

Join us to explore:

  • What SBOMs are and why they matter in the world of cloud-native applications
  • The best open-source tools and formats for creating SBOMs in Kubernetes environments
  • How to incorporate SBOMs into your application lifecycles and K8s operations practices
  • The new SBOM scan capability in Spectro Cloud Palette, and how to use it to manage your security attack surface

By the end of the webinar, you'll better understand how SBOM scans can help your organization stay secure and compliant, along with practical tips for getting started.

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Romain Decker
Romain Decker
Principal Product Manager

Romain is a Principal Product Manager at Spectro Cloud. He has 18+ years of diverse work experience in architecture, consulting, and technical product management. Throughout his career, he has worked for a variety of organizations, including hosting companies, enterprises, EU institutions, and system integrators. More recently, he spent 8.5 years at VMware, working first as a Solutions Architect before focusing on Technical Product Management for the VMware Cloud Provider Program.