Three common Kubernetes growing pains — and how to solve them

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When you start to use Kubernetes in production, at scale, you're bound to run into one of these common "growing pains":

  • Developer productivity. Too many teams needing clusters? Are delays slowing down their pipelines? Are tickets mounting up? It's a familiar story…
  • Multicluster headaches. Mo' clusters, mo' problems. How do you maintain security and consistency without sprawling costs, too?
  • The edge learning curve. Deploying to hundreds or thousands of remote bare metal devices, managing patches and upgrades… that's not a learning curve, it's a cliff.

With live demos and real best practices, we'll show you some ways to sidestep these pitfalls and achieve your K8s goals.

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Dmitry Shevrin
Dmitry Shevrin
Infrastructure Specialist

Dmitry is an infrastructure specialist with 15+ years of experience. He has spent a number of years with Red Hat, and then with Rancher/SUSE. In his free time, Dmitry can be found on a bicycle, rollerblading or swimming somewhere in Europe.