Manage applications and Kubernetes infrastructure across customers

As an ISV, your time and energy should go into architecting the best solutions for your customers, not into being Kubernetes admins. Ensure your customers have the Kubernetes infrastructure needed for your application while avoiding the headache of actively managing that infrastructure.

Kubernetes infrastructure that you control

ISVs have discovered that k8s can enable faster time to market for their software. However, for those ISVs that offer or want to offer single-tenant hosted solutions to their customers, it is often the case that they need to be able to deploy their software onto a k8s infrastructure that they control and manage, within their customers’ own environments. Spectro Cloud’s platform provides ISV’s a single point of consistent management for clusters that are deployed into myriad environments. In these scenarios, management of k8s and maintaining consistency of k8s infrastructure stacks across different customers can otherwise become an operational tax.

Consistent automated updates across different customer environments

K8s and its associated infrastructure can consist of as many as twenty integrated components. To ensure security and consistency of customer deployments, any components in clusters deployed via Spectro Cloud can easily be upgraded based on policies defined within the Spectro Cloud platform. This ensures that security patches and upgrades are rolled out when you need them to be, without active management on your part.

Easy path to application deployment

With Spectro Cloud, ISVs can deploy easy to manage k8s infrastructure stacks to each of their customers, along with the latest version of their own application, all using the cluster profile concept. Your own unique application content is then delivered and upgraded for each customer based on policies that you define. New software is delivered consistently and easily to your customers.

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