Managing bare metal K8s like any other cluster

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As Kubernetes has been evolving as the most popular infrastructure block to accelerate the development and deployment of applications, IT infrastructure and DevOps teams have been expanding their container platforms to include more locations.

In this webinar Saad Malik,Spectro Cloud CTO and Joep Piscaer, Independent Industry Analyst and Kubernetes specialist, will be discussing how to overcome the challenge of running Kubernetes directly on bare metal servers and benefit from performance and cost efficiencies, without having to treat those environments as “special projects”. Combining CNCF’s Cluster API and Canonical’s Metal-as-a-Service (MaaS), Saad and Joep will introduce an architecture that will enable any team to deploy and treat bare metal Kubernetes clusters just like any other cluster in their container environment.

What you'll learn about

Benefits of running Kubernetes directly on bare metal serversWhy it is too much work and what are the challenges and risksIntroduction to the CNCF Cluster API open source projectIntroduction to Canonical’s MaaS interfaceDemo: Using the Cluster API MaaS provider to provision bare metal Kubernetes clusters

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Saad Malik
Saad Malik
CTO & Co-Founder

Saad is passionate about building products in the areas of cloud, virtualization, containers, and distributed systems. In his fifteen years of experience, Saad has shipped multiple new products in enterprise, service provider, and consumer technologies. He is a hardcore Trekkie and enjoys building autonomous drone tracking software.

Joep Piscaer
Joep Piscaer
Industry analyst @ TLA Tech

Technologist with team building skills. Knows Cloud, infrastructure. Builds DevOps and Agile orgs. Also a writer, public speaker, analyst and tech marketeer.