The new home for your VMs: Kubernetes

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Broadcom’s takeover of VMware has caused chaos in the world of application infrastructure — but if (like many platform engineering teams) you’re already committed to being container-first and cloud native, the disruption is just validation that you already made the right decision.

Still, VM workloads aren’t going away, whether in the cloud and data center, or even at the edge.

You know that you’re not looking for another vSphere to migrate to. But what if you could bring those VMs into Kubernetes and run and manage them with the same cloud-native patterns you use to manage your containers?

In this webinar we’ll show you the best way to make a new home for your VMs in Kubernetes.

We’ll explore:

- The different technology options available to you, from roll-your-own open source KubeVirt to megavendor stacks and HCI platforms

- The key features you need to look for to satisfy your use case, whether you’re using Kubernetes in the data center or in edge computing deployments

- A live tour of Spectro Cloud Palette’s Virtual Machine Orchestrator (VMO) capability, showing how you can model, deploy and manage VM workloads alongside containers in all your clusters and environments

- How to painlessly migrate your existing VMs, minimizing downtime and stress for you and the application teams you work with.

The clock is ticking. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the best-in-class solutions for VMs on Kubernetes.

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Romain Decker
Romain Decker
Principal Product Manager

Romain is a Principal Product Manager at Spectro Cloud. He has 18+ years of diverse work experience in architecture, consulting, and technical product management. Throughout his career, he has worked for a variety of organizations, including hosting companies, enterprises, EU institutions, and system integrators. More recently, he spent 8.5 years at VMware, working first as a Solutions Architect before focusing on Technical Product Management for the VMware Cloud Provider Program.