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Kubernetes has enabled the cloud native modern enterprise by providing automated deployment, scaling, and management of applications deployed in containers. However, Enterprises today are forced intro trade-offs between control of their Kubernetes infrastructure and ease of use.Spectro Cloud is a cloud-native infrastructure company that makes Kubernetes manageable at scale for enterprises that need control and flexibility. Spectro Cloud’s SaaS product helps enterprises run Kubernetes their way, anywhere by providing scalable, policy-based cluster management of Kubernetes, whether it is in public cloud, private cloud, bare metal or in any combination. Enterprises can define the enterprise Kubernetes infrastructure stack they need while still gaining the efficiencies of automation at scale.

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Saad Malik
Saad Malik
CTO & Co-Founder

Saad is passionate about building products in the areas of cloud, virtualization, containers, and distributed systems. In his fifteen years of experience, Saad has shipped multiple new products in enterprise, service provider, and consumer technologies. He is a hardcore Trekkie and enjoys building autonomous drone tracking software.