Palette: Kubernetes without boundaries

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Here at Spectro Cloud we believe Kubernetes should not be a challenge, but an advantage. But the way we manage clusters across any locations needs to change. That's why we build Palette.

Announced at KubeCon in October, version Palette 2.0 is the next-gen integrated platform for any organization to easily manage any combination of Kubernetes environments.

With an industry-unique full-stack management approach, comprehensive lifecycle features and deep integration that gives you control over any Kubernetes deployment, anywhere: single/multi-cluster, multi-distro, new and existing, DC, cloud, bare metal and edge.

The Palette demo covered:

  • How easy it is to create Cluster Profiles and drive consistency and repeatability when managing simple, single-cluster or complex, multi-cluster Kubernetes environments
  • Deploying clusters with a few clicks in data centers, clouds, bare metal and edge
  • Getting that end-to-end visibility across any environment - including existing clusters - with health and utilization insights from the infra, to the cluster and workloads
  • Taking care of all those day 2 tasks such as namespace management, upgrades, backup/restore and more.
  • Applying enterprise and governance controls such as RBAC, cost and resource quotas.
  • Automating the whole Kubernetes lifecycle management with IaC tools

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Konstantinos Roungeris
Konstantinos Roungeris
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Saad Malik
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