Modern K8s management: why a clusters-as-code-approach-matters-in-production

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What are the steps that organizations go through with Kubernetes? From DIY approaches and experimentation with clouds and managed services, to making the leap of faith and moving to production. What is that journey like and what it takes to confidently operationalize your management efforts and accelerate application innovation? What are the challenges and why repeatability and a "cattle vs pets" approach is crucial for containers?

In this webinar Tenry Fu, Spectro Cloud CEO and Saad Malik, Spectro Cloud CTO, join Joep Piscaer, Independent Industry Analyst and Kubernetes specialist, to discuss the importance of declarative models and applying a "Clusters-as-code" strategy when managing K8s for production environments.

Oh and you don't need to be a technical guru to join this!

What you'll learn about

  • The Kubernetes adoption journey for the enterprise in three phases
  • Why DIY approaches fail when moving to production
  • What repeatability and declarative management means and why it is important for enterprise-grade Kubernetes
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Hosted by

Tenry Fu
Tenry Fu
CEO & Co-Founder

Tenry has more than 20 years of experience system software. Prior to co-found Spectro Cloud, he most recently led the architecture for Cisco's multi-cloud management and private cloud solutions, after his previous company, CliQr, was acquired by Cisco. He has more than 15 patents in the fields of scalable distributed systems, enterprise system management and security.

Saad Malik
Saad Malik
CTO & Co-Founder

Saad is passionate about building products in the areas of cloud, virtualization, containers, and distributed systems. In his fifteen years of experience, Saad has shipped multiple new products in enterprise, service provider, and consumer technologies. He is a hardcore Trekkie and enjoys building autonomous drone tracking software.

Joep Piscaer
Joep Piscaer
Industry analyst @ TLA Tech

Technologist with team building skills. Knows Cloud, infrastructure. Builds DevOps and Agile orgs. Also a writer, public speaker, analyst and tech marketeer.