K8s on VMWare and vSphere

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Kubernetes should be the same anywhere, right? Well… almost. The ease of use and operational simplicity of public clouds is hard to beat, especially when hiding the infrastructure, in this case, means hiding the Kubernetes and open-source complexity.

But given that many enterprise workloads already run in on-premises data centers, it's no surprise that many organizations are using VMware when deploying and scaling Kubernetes clusters.

How can we bring the ease of use of a cloud Kubernetes service into this on-prem world?

In this 45-minute webinar, veteran Spectro Cloud Sr. Solutions Architect Jesse Benoit will show you how you can maintain the same user experience and workflow anywhere using Spectro Cloud Palette. He'll share practical insights, answer your questions, and bring it all together through a quick live demo.

If you're in an IT ops role in any organization that uses VMware with Kubernetes, or plans to, don't miss this session.

What you'll learn

  • The basic differences between deploying and managing Kubernetes in the cloud vs on-prem in VMware vSphere
  • The importance of declarative management, with an introduction to Cluster API (CAPI) and the Cluster API Provider vSphere (CAPV)
  • How to build a Cluster Profile and deploy and manage with Spectro Cloud Palette
  • How to deploy a Private Cloud Gateway in VMware’s Center

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Jesse Benoit
Jesse Benoit
Sr. Solutions Architect