Kubernetes in government: 5 key requirements for your app modernization journey

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Organizations across the public sector and regulated industries are facing the challenge of rapidly transitioning to modern cloud-native infrastructure built around Kubernetes.

In this webinar we’ll explore the key factors you need to consider to ensure success, and answer some of the most challenging questions you’ll face:

- Scaling with simplicity: how can you scale to hundreds of clusters across different environments, without creating a management and performance nightmare?

- Flexibility and openness: can you drive a modernization strategy that’s right for your organization, without being locked in to a costly opinionated platform?

- Securing the stack: from the software supply chain to cluster access controls, how can you protect your workloads and meet regulatory standards, without constraining agility?

- App and developer innovation: how can you support your application teams with the infrastructure they need to migrate legacy VMs and build new apps, without losing control?

- Protecting and managing the edge: can you embrace edge computing opportunities while enforcing compliance and protecting sensitive data?

We’ll share examples of real use cases we’ve encountered working on projects in the field, and illustrate solutions to these questions that you can implement today using our Palette VerteX Kubernetes management platform.

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Hosted by

 Tommy Scherer
Tommy Scherer
Principal Architect

Tommy Scherer is the Principal Architect at Spectro Cloud, specializing in government projects. With over 8 years of Kubernetes experience, he has successfully transitioned from managing large-scale OpenStack environments to leading the deployment of Kubernetes on mission-critical Department of Defense (DoD) programs. Tommy is recognized for his expertise in implementing secure, offline updates in high-security environments, showcasing his commitment to innovation in cloud-native technologies.

Mike Wood
Mike Wood
RVP Public Sector

Mike Wood is the Regional Vice President for Spectro Cloud Government Solutions. Previously, Mike was the DOD Director at Rancher Government Solutions where he led a team of 10 sales representatives, while also working closely with Marketing and Engineering teams. Mike has over 18 years of experience in Public Sector technology sales as well as several years selling to commercial organizations. He earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Arizona State University.