AWS and Kubernetes done right: Why use Cluster API for cluster lifecycle management

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About the webinar

There are many ways to provision Kubernetes clusters in AWS, from Terraform to CloudFormations, eksctl, CDK (Cloud Developer Kit), among others. So, why need another one with Cluster API?

Beyond the need for a consistent experience across multicloud environments, CNCF's Cluster API (CAPI) gives operators a declarative way to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters that can provide peace of mind and the ability to integrate into GitOps workflows.

What you will learn

  • The operational benefits of using Cluster API with Amazon Web Services
  • How to build and manage Kubernetes clusters in a declarative way
  • What to consider beyond day 0 and day 1 operations and how to holistically address lifecycle management
  • How Spectro Cloud's Palette can unify your GitOps workflows and Kubernetes cluster management

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Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira
Senior Systems Engineer

Justin Barksdale
Justin Barksdale
Principal Architect