Full-stack bare metal

Our industry-unique approach to bare metal K8s management. Time to say no to “bring your own OS”.

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Treat your bare metal clusters just like any other clusters

Increase performance, reduce cost and stop worrying about who is managing your Operating System. We will.


The promise of bare metal K8s: increase performance, reduced time wasted in operations, perfect for AI/ML, no V-tax.

But conventional approaches to deploying and managing bare metal K8s are problematic, as they introduce yet another layer that needs to be managed separately: the servers’ Operating System.

And when something breaks due to an upgrade, your clusters are at risk.


Say no to “bring your own OS” bare metal approaches and enter the world of full-stack bare metal K8s with Palette.

By integrating a bare metal interface to your orchestration, your servers’ OS becomes just another layer that is being managed by Palette’s orchestration, from day 0-2 operations.

This is what we mean by “full-stack”: everything automated and managed, from the OS, to the K8s infrastructure and add-on application services. Unified management across all layers.

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