Who we are

Founded by multi-cloud management experts, Spectro Cloud aims to make cloud infrastructure boundaryless for the enterprise. We provide solutions that help enterprises run Kubernetes their way, anywhere.

Executive team
Tenry Fu
CEO & Co-Founder
Gautam Joshi
VP Engineering & Co-Founder
Saad Malik
CTO & Co-Founder
Dave Cope
Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer
Jeremy Oakey
VP, Field Engineering
Tenry Fu
CEO & Co-Founder
Paul Melchiorre
Mark Fernandes
Sierra Ventures
Gaurav Manglik
Spectro Cloud is a growing enterprise Kubernetes infrastructure company that is focused on impact and fun.
A provider of a complete and integrated platform that enables organizations to easily manage the full lifecycle of any combination of new or existing, simple or complex, small or large Kubernetes environments whether in a data center or the cloud.
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