March 17, 2020

Spectro Cloud and Kubernetes - an introduction

Tenry Fu
Tenry Fu
CEO & Co-Founder

Hello World. We’re Spectro Cloud!

Spectro Cloud logo
Spectro Cloud

After not quite a year in stealth, developing our product and company, we feel ready to introduce Spectro Cloud to the world. Spectro Cloud is a cloud-native infrastructure company that makes Kubernetes manageable by the enterprise. Spectro Cloud provides a SaaS platform for scalable, policy-based cluster management of Kubernetes for enterprises that need control over their infrastructure, whether it is in public cloud, private cloud, bare metal or in any combination. Enterprises can define the Kubernetes infrastructure stack they need while still gaining the efficiencies of automation at scale.

We founders of Spectro Cloud (Tenry, Saad, and Gautam) are all key employees from CliQr, a multi-cloud management company that was acquired by Cisco in 2016. CliQr was all about multi-cloud management — and at the time that was all that you could really hope to do. Now, with the introduction of containers and Kubernetes, the infrastructure itself becomes truly portable, in addition to the applications. Great — all kinds of possibilities open up around how you develop and deploy applications!

But while Kubernetes is an awesome technology, it’s not a product. And it is just a piece of the broader puzzle around how to make complex infrastructure be something that you can control and govern without having it take over your life. Our vision here at Spectro Cloud is to make cloud boundaryless and self-driving, by making infrastructure invisible to developers. Our first step in getting there is our Spectro Cloud SaaS product to help you maintain control over your Kubernetes infrastructure stacks, but while still offering the convenience of a managed Kubernetes experience.

We are proud of what the whole team has built. Check it out!

Announcing $7.5 Million in Seed Funding

While we’re certainly enthusiastic about our product, it’s great validation that other people see the value too. When raising our seed round, we were looking for investors who truly believed in our product and our team — and we found that in Sierra Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, Westwave Capital and Firebolt Ventures.

Enterprises are rapidly moving containers and Kubernetes to production. Build on solid infrastructure underpinnings that offer you the ease of use without asking you to give up control. We look forward to building upon the foundation set by our initial launch and, ultimately, to redefining the cloud! To infinity and beyond!

About Spectro Cloud
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