Easily spin up and manage K8s and applications over thousands of edge locations... “plug-n-play” style.

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Scale to thousands of edge locations

Reduce complexity and costs with centralized management. Welcome to a new “plug’n’play” edge K8s approach.


Unlike data center or cloud environments, edge means hundreds to thousands of locations, each one with 1 or 2 clusters, usually with no on-site IT support or reliable connectivity. Add to that, the cost of sending engineering to remote locations when something goes wrong and you get the full picture.

Conventional K8s deployments and management are simply no fit for edge locations. But how can you reduce cost and increase efficiency to support all those cutting-edge use cases?


With Palette edge K8s becomes almost “plug’n’play”. Your teams can easily and quickly spin up unattended edge locations that can be centrally-managed for application provisioning, upgrading, scaling and easy deprovisioning.

Our highly-customizable initial bootstrap image is suitable to support any use case with remote troubleshooting and monitoring for both cluster and applications.

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