Why Palette

Capture benefits of cloud native faster

Enterprises exist in multiple environments and have to support multiple use cases. Spectro Cloud gives you the tools to easily deploy and manage the k8s infra and clusters you need.

Environment choice without lock-in

Enterprises often have a variety of environments they need to support: private cloud (such as VMware), AWS, GCP, Azure, or even bare metal. Whether deployed in private cloud, one or more public clouds, hybrid cloud, or some combination, Spectro Cloud helps manage all these clusters from one place, easily and consistently. Development and application teams can choose the best infrastructure for their needs, while giving operations a platform to manage day 2 operations no matter what infrastructure is chosen. Enterprises can take advantage of the unique services available in the various clouds while avoiding unnecessary lock-in.

Self-service k8s clusters

Spectro Cloud gives your developers on-demand access to infrastructure that can be custom fit to their applications, while helping operations both offload maintenance tasks and maintain oversight and governance of those clusters.

Multiproject platform consolidation

A single platform for managing different Kubernetes infrastructure stacks helps operators guarantee governance and availability. Different teams throughout an organization may have made different decisions over time on what their Kubernetes infrastructure and platforms would be. As k8s deployments mature many enterprises want to consolidate those teams and projects onto a single platform that provides policy-based management. lock-in.

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks

Different projects often have different cluster infrastructure needs. Development only clusters may not need extensive security software as container security scanning may be handled in the CI/CD pipeline. A production cluster from the same team may be built on a commercially supported Linux distribution covered under an enterprise support contract. A data science project may need a specific kernel module to support GPUs.

Forcing every team onto the same rigid infrastructure stack impedes productivity and prevents your developers from getting the full benefits of a cloud native infrastructure. Spectro Cloud makes it easy to move away from the “one size fits nobody” approach to one where IT can say “yes” to different teams without drowning in day 2 issues.

Governance and supportability

Just because enterprises adopt K8s and cloud-native tools doesn’t mean their Enterprise requirements evaporate. Enterprises still need a platform that integrates into their existing infrastructure, systems, and processes. Spectro Cloud provides the API first management, RBAC, maintenance policies, metering, reporting, and supportability that enterprises need.

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Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Our Palette management platform gives effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle, across clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments.
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