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Be the “YES department” and enable your development team with Kubernetes the way they need them, at the speed of cloud - anywhere!

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Give your devs the K8s they need

Ready-to-consume production-grade K8s stacks with all the curated open source awesomeness!


Organizations want to be able to enable their devs to consume K8s “as a service” without having to raise tickets.

Even with traditional KaaS management platforms that promise readily-available clusters, your developers still have to do all the work when it comes to configuring and maintaining add-on application services.

And especially when moving from dev to testing to staging, anything that breaks means... everything breaks.


With Palette you don’t have to balance flexibility with control.“Full-stack management” means our platform takes care of both the K8s infrastructure but also the add-on application services that your developers need.

Curated, pre-tested and validated, ready to be consumed whenever there is a project coming up.

And with RBAC and governance controls, your devs can easily select and re-use layers from our repo, or even bring their own. ring and maintaining add-on application services.

Palette runs compliance checks every 30 minutes, making sure that nothing breaks across every layer. And if it does, Palette will bring it back to the way it was intended to be.

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Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Our Palette management platform gives effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle, across clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments.
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